Intelligent search

Using our algorithms, you can improve the search functionality at your website. Instead of simply finding exact matches of specific search strings, you can start offering search results based on concepts and topics related to the search terms used by your online users. You will be able to serve search results ordered by relevance to the assumed search topic.

Most search methods allow you to simply list items that contain the search terms even if the latter are not representative of the main topics of the returned results. The currently available search technologies enable your visitors to find items containing given search terms and do very little in ranking the results. Your users are not interested in locating all pages that merely contain the strings. They need to find relevant and useful data which is best summarized by their chosen search strings. Our intelligent search relies on the assumption that people use searches to find content relevant to their search terms and on the collective knowledge contained within your website. Using our intelligent search services, your users will be able to find the items they are looking for in fewer steps and in less time.


  • Improved relevance of the returned results;
  • Results based on customizable innovative topic abstraction algorithms;
  • Improved data discovery;
  • Interactive ordering of the results.

Let us know if you want to improve customer satisfaction with your website by using our accurate search algorithms.