Intelligent recommendations

The innovative algorithms developed by Neural Brothers, allow you to start showing real-time recommendations based on their relevance to the content currently viewed by your visitors. The real-time recommendation engine builds an interconnected mesh of the entire site and is capable of showing related items to your online users. The intelligent algorithms are also able to detect and dynamically respond to global trends, content popularity, chronological equivalence, per user and collective satisfaction, and demonstrated interest in the recommended items.

You can alter the proximity of the recommended items to the theme of the source content in real-time. By making the generated recommendations very close to the main topics of the originally accessed content, you can unobtrusively guide your visitors through their exploration of a specific subject. You can also dynamically lower the relevance of the generated results when you need to allow your visitors to follow more general topics within your website.

The recommendation services can be used without any major alterations to the design and layout of your website. The results are served through a widget with customizable layout and design. All data analysis, correlation calculations, and the generation of the recommendations are performed off-site and will not consume any resources at your live system. The recommendation services can be accessed through an API or through the customizable widget which you can embed at your pages.


  • Amazing accuracy;
  • Published items are placed into their correct perspective;
  • Increased page views;
  • Improved data discovery;
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention;
  • Increased time on site;
  • Customizable serving criteria: correlation to the source, trends, popularity, chronological immediacy, dynamically captured user appreciation of the displayed recommendations;
  • Simple integration;
  • Customizable layout of the recommendations display.

Let us know if you want to treat your customers with intelligent content recommendations.