About Us

Neural Brothers is a small software development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Neural Brothers was established to deal with projects requiring innovative approach and to develop pioneering problem solving techniques. We specialize in creating web and mobile applications based on artificial intelligence techniques, and in developing Intelligent business solutions. We use sophisticated mathematical models and statistical constructs to create adaptable intelligence. Our services range from designing solutions to non-algorithmic problems to implementing complete systems based on these custom solutions. We offer consulting assistance to businesses in need of intelligent systems and pattern monitoring services.

Neural Brothers is owned and operated by Milen Nedev, Georgi Baldjiev and Maxim Kolev.

Milen Nedev (co-founder) is owner and managing director of MTR Design. He has more than 10 years of experience in software engineering and project management. Milen Nedev is a technical lead in the development of many software (both conventional and web-based) projects. These projects include content management systems, large community websites, e-commerce applications, blogging platforms, audio/video processing applications, etc.

Georgi Baldjiev (co-founder) has solid background in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. He is the leading system designer of the Neugs tagging service. He has expertise in collaborative intelligence and neural network systems.

Maxim Kolev (co-founder) has over 10 years of experience as project manager in business software. He participated in the development and implementation of various systems - ERP, CRM, HR, BI, etc.

We're currently working on our own projects, and offer our services to clients with great ideas.